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Photograph shows Grace Fortescue with her son-in-law, Lt. Thomas H. Massie, after being released on bond for the death of Joseph Kahahawai in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Description of Photograph
This is an 8x12 inch Reproduction Photograph made from a high quality scan of the original.

Approximately 8x12 inches.
Note:  Some images may have white/black bars on the sides or top if the original image does not conform to the 8x12 dimensions.

Want to purchase the Original?
The original is not for sale.

Return Policy
We are so confident in the quality we provide that we back every order with a money-back guarantee! This means if you are not satisfied, for ANY reason, a refund will be given.(No need to return the photo)

This Photograph is a Archive Quality Reproduction created directly from the original photograph. Our laboratory uses premium paper guaranteeing brighter colors, sharper whites, and prints that will last a lifetime.

We have taken extra steps to ensure that your prints arrive to you safely and undamaged. We use extra thick, stay-flat envelopes to get your photos to you as quickly and as safely as possible.

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Photograph shows Grace Fortescue with her daughter, Helene, and her husband, Major Granville R. Fortescue, at Belmont Park, Long Island, N.Y.
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Auto driven by Mrs. Granville Fortescue at her arrest with Thomas H. Massie and Edmund J. Lord for the murder of Joseph Kahahawai whose body was found in the car.

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