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  • Timeless Renditions Of Global Memories.

  • Photography is the gift we always take for granted, and the documentation generations have used to freeze time and take snapshots of important dates, scenes, and events that happened over the years.

  • The building of the Eiffel tower, the nomination of a president, a spontaneous dance in the street, and the calm before the storm, are all moments that here at Photograph Research, we aim to preserve forever.

  • We understand the value of photographs that link our history and connect the pieces on untold stories, give us the closure we seek, and help us educate the coming generation on stories they’ve never witnessed.

  • That’s why we’re offering you the most comprehensive range of reproduction photography and historical findings that you can access at an incredibly affordable price point, all without sacrificing the quality of the prints.

  • Since day one, our mission has been to breathe new life into old photographs, and offer anyone a window into recent history. Everything from portraits and sunsets over the ocean, to the skyline of Manhattan and blueprints of ancient buildings, you name it, we have it.

  • Perfect for work projects, creating new stories out of old ones, academic research, and more, our prints are practical and historically accurate, giving you an instant insight into the world of the years passed, and a sense of nostalgia unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

  • We pride ourselves on our dye sublimation printing process, which results in very accurate prints without over-exposing the original photographs and gives us a clear, high-resolution, and incredibly useful print to ship to your door.

  • We ship quickly and use qualified, accredited carriers to ensure that your shipment gets to you as soon as possible without putting it at risk in any step of the way.

  • And if you’re unhappy with the item you receive, you can get every penny back, no questions asked. You don’t need to return the photo or carry any of the shipping fees, and you’ll be refunded completely.

  • Get yours today and make your next event, work project, or personal space light up with a quality print made to last.

  • Unidentified woman 18,1840-1860,Portrait,Arms Folded
    Mrs. Claire Bach Residence,Stamford,Connecticut,CT,Fairfield County,House,4
    Van Wagenen House,298 Academy Street,Jersey City,Hudson County,New Jersey,NJ,3
    Naval Operating Base Dutch Harbor,Fort Mears,Aleutian Islands,Alaska,Unalaska,9
    House,U.S. Route 50,Drake,Gasconade County,MO,Missouri,HABS,Building Survey
    Jack Prestage,4/24/23,Horseback Riding,April 1923
    Tomb,Saint Kassim ibn Abass,mausoleum,Toglu Tegin,1865
    Saints Peter,John curing the sick,Sain John,The Apostle,Healers,Cripple,c1550
    Minister of Ecuador at White House,Washington,DC,District of Columbia,1929
    Lucy Leffingwell on Freckles,Russell C. Leffingwell,Carolyn Chamberlain,1920
    Casa Grande Valley Farms,Farm Security Administration,Arizona,AZ,Pinal County,3
    Marie Brizard Distillery,Bordeaux,France,P Freeres,1905 1
    Weitzel,F.J. 1
    Unidentified Man smiling,Farm Security Administration,FSA,at diner
    Arthur W. Rossiter Jr. Residence,St. Marks Lane,Islip,Long Island,New York,NY,7
    Watch the tourist boat arrive from Boston,Provincetown,Massachusetts,MA,1940,20
    Pat Darling Business,311 North Howard Street,Baltimore,Maryland,MD,1945,14
    Ivy Hall,1225 River Road,Piscataway,Middlesex County,NJ,New Jersey,HABS,House,15
    Gang Plank,Norton Marina,Lake Granby,Colorado
    Dominy House,North Main Street,East Hampton,Suffolk County,NY,New York,HABS,10
    Edward P. Warner,Civil Aeronautics Authority,Robert H. Hinckley,Harris & Ewing
    West Shore Railroad,West New York,Hudson County,New Jersey,NJ,Hudson River,2
    1805 East Fifteenth Avenue House,Tampa,Hillsborough County,Florida,FL,HABS,2
    Richfield Oil Building,555 South Flower Street,Los Angeles,California,CA,HABS,49
    Mare Island Naval Shipyard,Supply Building,Walnut Ave,Vallejo,Solano Co,CA,7
    General Phineas Banning Residence,401 East M Street,Wilmington,California,CA,9
    Los Pinetos Nike Missile Site,Santa Clara Road,Los Angeles,California,CA,HABS,7
    Santa Inés Mission in Santa Ynez,California
    Indoor Shopping Mall,Palm Trees,America,Carol Highsmith,1980-1990
    Vigilant,sailing,yachts,water vessels,boats,ships,Detroit Publishing Co,c1895
    Grant,Gen. L.A.
    Tulelake,Siskiyou County,California,CA,Farm Security Administration,FSA,7
    Ashmun Street,Residences,Monrovia,Liberia,Houses,c1895
    Collier Whitt Boone House,905 21st Avenue,Tuscaloosa,Alabama,AL,HABS,2
    St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church,Cunningham Street,Barrow,Alaska,AK
    Aerial View,Chicago,Illinois,Cityscape,Skyscrapers,Carol Highsmith,Sears Tower
    Tulare County,California,CA,Farm Security Administration,Russell Lee,FSA,8
    Miners,Caples,West Virginia,McDowell County,Farm Security Administration,FSA
    Kurt Wiese Residence,Frenchtown,New Jersey,NJ,Hunterdon County,1944,Home,2
    Family of Negroes,Purchasing Trip,New Market,Virginia,1879,Transportation
    Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze,1816-1868,German American history painter,cane
    William Penn,Indians,1899,caricature,treaty,peace pipes
    Eagle Rock Operations Control Center,Pasadena,Los Angeles County,California,3
    Benicia Arsenal,Guard & Engine House,Benicia,Solano County,California,CA,2

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