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Professional Photographs
Abandoned real estate development,Chicago,Illinois,IL,Summer 1939,Rothstein,2 1
Arab men,front of Kabyle house, Paris Exposition, 1889
Langen Market,Danzig,West Prussia,Germany,Gdansk,Poland
[[Taft and friend on horseback]]
Hauser Hydroelectric Facility,Helena,Lewis & Clark County,Montana,MT,HAER,17
Ordnance Building,Camp Kilmer,New Jersey,NJ,Military,United States Army Camp,9
Frank Kimball House,21 West Plaza Boulevard,National City,San Diego County,CA,2
[[Image from LOOK - Job 53-2526 titled Marilyn Monroe]]
Pompeii. The forum,Vesuvius. Italy
Hunting scene,landscape,animals,painting,reproduction,artwork,Arnold Genthe,1916
Photo of Puck,Tortures,Father Knickerbocker-Tantalus,1899,Keppler,New York City
Elkins,West Virginia,WV,June 1939,John Vachon,Dunlop Tires,FSA,United States,1
Joe Sewell,Cleveland American League,baseball players,World Champions,uniforms
Nobuo Ito,Japanese boy,Pinehurst,NC,Moore County,c1923
Shaker Church Family Brethren's Workshop,Shaker Road,New Lebanon,New York,NY,3
Brigadier General Hunter Liggett,Lindley Miller Garrison,Leonard Wood,July 1913
Defiance Road Bridge,Femme Osage Creek,Saint Charles,St. Charles County,MO,4
Gage County,Nebraska,NE,Farm Security Administration,October 1938,FSA 1
Herndon-Glanton-Reeves House,524 Greenville Street,La Grange,Troup County,GA,5
Buildings,1700 block of Connecticut Ave.,NW,Washington,D.C.,Carol Highsmith,2
"Near to nature's heart." Native home in interior Java
Nathan Dean House,Old Colony Road,East Taunton,Bristol County,Massachusetts,11
Grundy County,Iowa,IA,Farm Life,April 1940,John Vachon,Farm Security Admin,137
Photo of Puck,The Automobile Mechanic,And they get away with it!,1915,Goldberg
Route 501,Person County,NC,Dorothea Lange Photos,1939
Charleston Hotel,Meeting Street,South Carolina,SC,Detroit Publishing Co,c1910
General view, Andermatt, Switzerland,c1895
Cahn,Belt & Co. for Maryland Club Pure Old Rye brand Whisky
While two of their comrades lie wounded on the ground, others shout obscenities at police who fired upon them as rioting broke out in San Francisco's Hunters Point area
Georges Robineau
Independence Monument,Colorado National Monument,out Grand Junction,CO,Highsmith
Epping,North Dakota,ND,Williams County,Farm Security Administration,FSA,4
U. S. Assay Office,206 Broadway Street,Helena,Lewis,Clark County,MT,Montana,3
Capital Cars Distributors,George Palmer Highway,Lanham,Maryland,MD,Gottscho,1 1
Schnull & Company Building,South Meridan Street,Indianapolis,Indiana,IN,HABS,1
American Civil War,Charleston,South Carolina,SC,Grave of John C. Calhoun
President Jimmy Carter and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat at the White House, Washington, D.C.
Upper Mississippi River Channel Project,Red Wing,Goodhue County,Minnesota,MN,67
Portal,Convento y Iglesia de Sta. Mariá,Molango,Mexico,Church,religion
Migrant Camp,Prague,Oklahoma,OK,Lincoln County,Farm Security Administration,3
Chatham,estates,armillary sphere,Fredericksburg,Virginia,Architecture,South,1927
Barber,Lorena 3
Hitching Post,Virginia,Alfred Rudolph Waud,American Civil War,Soldiers,Women
Augusto Mendos Leal,9/19/23,September 1923
Henry Disston & Sons plant,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania,PA,crowd cheering,c1918

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